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Our experience over the past ten years working with dozens of direct to consumer market leaders has proven that print advertising works, and works well.

Sampling Programs

During a consumer's lifetime, he or she experiences major lifestyle changes during which he or she must seek out new products and services: marriage, buying a house, the birth of a baby. Today, consumers are constantly evaluating new products and services to establish their own brand loyalty. Echo Media delivers effective, targeted programs that take advantage of the entry point marketing opportunities, reaching consumers at the prime time when they are seeking new products and establishing new brand loyalties.

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Program Name Circulation Short Description
American Baby Ser Padres Bebe Hospital Sampler 200,000

American Baby Ser Padres Bebe sample pack is distributed monthly to postnatal Hispanic moms as they leave the hospita...

American Baby/Welcome Issue 375,000 This powerful polybag co-op, which houses the American Baby Welcome Issue, is ideal for encouraging trial precisely when...
College Bookstore Bags 1,541,666 College Bookstore Bags gets in touch with students in many of the large colleges and universities across the country. Th...
Diabetes Outlook Sampling Program 250,000 Reach patients immediately after diagnosis/treatment. This program is designed to aid patient's achievement of various l...
Similac Hospital Discharge Kit 150,000

The Similac Hospital Discharge Kit puts your product in the hands of 1.8 million new parents when they are first begi...

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