BMX Plus!

BMX Plus! Magazine has established itself as the leading and longest-running BMX publication worldwide. BMX Plus! is the only BMX magazine that delivers the full spectrum of the sport to its readers. Each issue takes the readers inside the largest contests, races and interviews with the most recognized names in the sport.

Each month, BMX Plus! Magazine features the latest information on new bikes, parts and accessories. With a staff made up of editors who are riders, readers get the most respected tell-it-like-it-is tests and evaluations, just as it's been since 1978. To have this type of longevity you must understand who the target reader is and what they want to read about. BMX Plus! Covers all the major BMX races, dirt-jumping and freestyle contest and important bicycle happenings around the world.

BMX Plus! Reaches the enthusiasts who are at the age where bikes are their life; around 14-15 years old. These readers spend all of their money and a lot of their parents' money on bikes and accessories. Too old for toys and too young for cars, these are the core consumers.


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  2. Mailed to Subscribers plus rack sales
  3. 1,536,000
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  1. $58,700
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