TVyNovelas Puerto Rico

Established in 1982, TVyNovelas is the go-to source for any information regarding the most beloved stars in the Spanish-speaking Americas. Leveraging itself with Grupo Televisa’s vast pool of entertainment talent, TVyNovelas is able to provide the latest gossip through juicy, ground-breaking stories.

It offers the gossip the audiences crave in a fun and colorful matter with exclusive images and content. Capturing exciting moments and dishing out hidden secrets, this must-have entertainment publication has won the hearts of its loyal readers. TVyNovelas is the most established and trusted source of entertainment in the U.S. Hispanic market.


  1. Consumer Magazines
  2. Mailed to Subscribers plus rack sales
  3. 1,440,000
  4. 60,000
  5. 24 X Year
  6. DMA, State, National


  1. ZPR
  2. Puerto Rico


  1. 60,000
  2. 60,000
  3. 60,000
  4. 60,000
  5. 60,000
  6. 60,000
  7. 60,000
  8. 60,000