Prevention Magazine is America's leading health magazine, reaching over 3 million paid subscribers with each monthly issue. Editorial focuses of ways to motivate, inspire, and encourage readers to take charge of their health and enjoy the pleasures of healthy living. Advertisers can buy the full circ of Prevention as well as two targeted editions: the Family Edition and the Master's Edition. The family edition goes to subscribers under the age of 55 and the Master's Edition goes to subscribers over the age of 55. Additionally, Prevention also publishes several special interest publications throughout the year. These magazines are sold exclusively at newsstands to women who are interested in the more focused content in these titles. They include such magazines as Fit & Firm at 40, Walking Fit, Low-Carb Weight Loss, Outsmart Heart Disease/Diabetes/Arthritis, the Outsmart Diabetes Cookbook, and several others. Opportunities exist for on-page advertising in full and half page increments, as well as insert advertising, in any or all of these magazines.


  1. Consumer Magazines
  2. Mailed to Subscribers plus rack sales
  3. 39,600,000
  4. 2,800,000
  5. 12 X Year
  6. National


  1. $56,846
  2. 52
  3. 78%