Sports Illustrated Magazine

Sports Illustrated is the most well-known name in sports media. Its weekly issues contain editorial and pictures from the world of sports. Perhaps the most well-known issue of this magazine is its annual Swimsuit Issue. It is respected in the sports community as an authority on all things sports-related. With a rate base of 3,150,000, and many ways to target your advertiser's core market with demographics and psychographics, this magazine's tremendous reach should be a vital part to anyone's advertising plan. Opportunities exist for advertisers to place on-page ads in full and half page increments.


  1. Consumer Magazines
  2. Mailed to Subscribers plus rack sales
  3. 160,905,000
  4. 3,155,000
  5. 51 X Year
  6. National


  1. $60,913
  2. 37
  3. 77%