Vancouver Sun

The Vancouver Sun is located in the Province of British Columbia. Its boom times in Vancouver, driven by promising employment and income numbers, low interest rates and the highest housing starts in the country. Housing is the least affordable of any major Canadian city, with the average price of a house being $407,166. By contrast, the average price of a house in Toronto is only $324,278.

The Vancouver Sun is British Columbia's most comprehensive source for local news, analysis and comment. It is the third-largest English language newspaper in Canada. What makes it unique is its West coast sensibility, and its ability to tell readers how events in Canada and the rest of the world affect British Columbia. Whether it's in Sports, BusinessBC, Arts & Life or in-depth Saturday Observer section, The Sun brings you the stories of the events and people that affect their lives every day. The Vancouver Sun, a broadsheet, is read equally by men and women and skews to age 35+. The Vancouver Sun Appeals to a very attractive audience: educated, urban, with higher than average household incomes.

The paper offers insert and ROP advertising opportunities in its daily circulation. The paper does not publish on a Sunday.


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