Bluffton News-Banner

For over 100 years, The News-Banner has been reporting the triumphs and tragedies that make up today's news and tomorrow's history for Bluffton and all of Wells County. From the council room to the school room, from fields of dreams to fields of corn, The News-Banner has been consistent in supplying reliable and award-winning news six days a week to their loyal readers and subscribers.
The Echo goes to non-subscriber homes in Bluffton and southern Wells County in addition to covering the Monroe-Berne-Geneva areas in Adams County as well as Warren, Montpelier and Pennville to the south. A wonderful combination of free circulation with local feature articles, local news summaries and classified ads.

The Bluffton News-Banner is in the Fort Wayne, IN DMA. The Bluffton News-Banner offers ROP and insert advertising opportunities in its daily circulation. This paper also offers total market coverage (TMC) through a non-subscriber distribution. Echo Media has direct relationships with over 7,500 newspapers providing tremendous local coverage.


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  1. IN
  2. Fort Wayne, Indianapolis

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