La Voz de Houston

La Voz de Houston is a widely respected weekly newspaper that has served Houston's Hispanics since 1979. Distributed for free, La Voz is written in mainstream Spanish to appeal to all of Houston's Hispanics, whether they are from Mexico, Central America, Latin America, Cuba, or any other Spanish speaking country.

Covering news of Houston, Texas, Mexico, Latin America and the rest of the world, La Voz concentrates on issues and news that affect Hispanics. It also carries health, business, an amusement page and coverage of such subjects as food, sports, entertainment and more.

La Voz de Houston is widely and conveniently distributed. Since La Voz de Houston is distributed as a supplement to The Houston Chronicle, it reaches a wide audience in predominantly Hispanic neighborhoods. It's delivered directly to Hispanics' homes through The Houston Chronicle and via freestanding racks in approximately 600 locations.

La Voz de Houston is in the Houston, TX DMA. It is a Spanish language publication designed to meet the specific needs of the Houston, Texas Hispanic community. It is distributed free of charge on Wednesdays and Fridays, and is VAC audited. This paper is in tabloid format.  Echo Media works directly with a large number of market-specific Spanish language newspapers, as well as national level Spanish language publications.

This paper is VAC audited, and is distributed by the Houston Chronicle.


  1. Newspapers
  2. Free
  3. 0
  4. 240,000
  5. Weekly
  6. DMA, State, National


  1. $50,000


  1. TX
  2. Houston

Day of Delivery

  1. No
  2. No
  3. No
  4. Yes
  5. No
  6. Yes
  7. No

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