AAA Texas Journey

AAA is one of the most recognized brands in the world. Now you can put that power to work for you by going directly into the homes of all AAA members in Texas. Texas Journey magazine is published six times per year and features travel, automotive, and lifestyle editorial.
The key to AAA’s high-return advertising programs is trust. Because active, affluent members trust AAA’s reliable, high quality service, they use it to make their travel plans, insure their cars and homes, and to help when they are stranded on the side of the road. There’s simply no better time and place to influence their buying decisions than in Texas Journey magazine.


  1. Magazines - Membership
  2. Mailed to Subscribers plus rack sales
  3. 5,520,000
  4. 920,000
  5. 6 X Year
  6. State, National


  1. $97,500
  2. 47
  3. 52%


  1. TX
  2. Unknown


  1. 1,007,366
  2. 1,007,366
  3. 1,007,366
  4. 1,007,366
  5. 1,007,366
  6. 1,007,366