Cobb In Focus

Cobb In Focus is the magazine of the Cobb County, GA Chamber of Commerce. This magazine is direct mailed six times a year to Cobb County business owners and leaders, Chamber of Commerce members, and government officials. Cobb In Focus features editorial departments in business, education, arts & recreation, health care, community news, and special reports. Cobb In Focus is an excellent vehicle for advertisers looking to reach business leaders in the Atlanta, GA DMA.

Mailed directly to:
Cobb business owners and leaders
Cobb Chamber of Commerce members
Government officials


  1. Magazines - Membership
  2. Direct Mail
  3. 126,000
  4. 21,000
  5. 6 X Year
  6. DMA, State, National



  1. GA
  2. Atlanta


  1. 20,000
  2. 20,000
  3. 20,000
  4. 20,000