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El Nuevo Heraldo - Brownsville

El Nuevo Heraldo was the pioneer of Spanish publications in the Rio Grande Valley. Originally distributed only in Brownsville and surrounding areas, the circulation was extended to cover other cities in the Valley and is now making a regional coverage in deep South Texas from Brownsville to Weslaco, including San Benito, Harlingen and La Feria. Its reach across languages is reflected in the nearly 30,000 adults who read it.

MORI Research reported that roughly half of Brownsville's adults can and do read in Spanish. With 23,000 adults reading only Spanish and an additional 24,000 adults reading both English and Spanish, an effective marketing plan must include Spanish language.

Delivering a highly desirable market at a very affordable rate, El Nuevo Heraldo is the most effective way to reach this growing market. El Nuevo Heraldo's reasonable rates and 6-day targeted delivery provides your business with access to more than 109,000 Spanish readers. Not only are these readers hungry for a quality news product, they are also eager for targeted advertising information.

The El Nuevo Heraldo is in the Harlingen - Weslaco - Brownsville - McAllen, TX DMA. It is a Spanish language publication designed to meet the specific needs of the Valley's Hispanic community in Cameron County, Texas. The El Nuevo Heraldo offers ROP and insert advertising opportunities in its daily and Sunday circulation.

Echo Media works directly with a large number of market-specific Spanish language newspapers, as well as national level Spanish language publications.


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