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New Media
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Program Name Category Circulation Demographics Updated On
VFW Magazine Magazines - Membership 1,249,543 Men, Military, Senior, Accepts Tobacco Adverts 04/17/2015
Colorado Springs Independent Newspapers 36,000 Accepts Tobacco Adverts, Alternative Newspapers 04/17/2015
Popular Mechanics Consumer Magazines 1,200,000 Men, Technology 04/16/2015
San Diego Community Newspaper Group Newspapers 143,000 Suburban Newspapers 04/16/2015
Desi Talk - New York Newspapers 18,000 Ethnic Pubs, Minority Owned 04/16/2015
Desi Talk - Chicago Newspapers 11,100 Minority Owned 04/16/2015
News India Times Newspapers 15,000 Ethnic Pubs, Minority Owned 04/16/2015
Gujarati Times Newspapers 5,000 Ethnic Pubs 04/16/2015
Health Magazine Consumer Magazines 1,350,000 Health, Beauty and Glamour, Body, Mind & Spirit Segment, High Household Income 04/16/2015
Williston Plains ND Reporter Newspapers 14,700 04/16/2015
New Iberia Daily Iberian Newspapers 11,600 Rural Households, Contains News America, Contains USA Weekend, Contains Valassis C&D 04/16/2015
Montrose Daily Press Newspapers 5,000 Rural Households, Accepts Tobacco Adverts, Contains News America, Contains Valassis C&D 04/16/2015
Half Moon Bay Review Newspapers 5,100 Women 04/16/2015
Green Valley News and Sun Newspapers 10,300 Senior, Senior Newspapers, Contains News America 04/16/2015
San Pedro Valley News-Sun Newspapers 3,300 04/16/2015
Arizona Range News Newspapers 3,400 04/16/2015
Sierra Vista Herald - Midweek TMC TMC 19,850 04/16/2015
Sierra Vista Herald Newspapers 8,800 Rural Households, Contains News America, Contains USA Weekend, Contains Valassis C&D 04/16/2015
Anchorage Press Newspapers 20,000 04/16/2015
Wasilla Frontiersman - TMC TMC 8,800 04/16/2015
Arctic Warrior Newspapers 14,600 Military, Military Newspapers 04/16/2015
Wasilla Frontiersman Newspapers 4,300 04/16/2015
La Prensa Latina Newspapers 0 Hispanic, Hispanic Newspapers 04/16/2015
Clipper Magazine Magnet - Mailed 35,017,167 Metro Households, Women 04/16/2015
Men's Health Consumer Magazines 1,800,000 Active Lifestyles, Health, Men, Oversized Insert and Sample Channel, Sports Fans 04/15/2015