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New Media
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Program Name Category Circulation Demographics Updated On
Currents Consumer Magazines 3,000,000 Accepts Tobacco Adverts 05/21/2015
Mail-net Wraps 3,330,000 Metro Households, Rural Households, DALs 05/21/2015
Maxwell-Gunter AFB Dispatch Newspapers 13,360 Military, Military Newspapers 05/20/2015
El Nuevo Herald - Miami Newspapers 78,000 Hispanic, Hispanic Newspapers, Non Mexican Hispanic Newspaper, Spanish Language, Contains News America, Contains News America Hispanic, Contains Parade, Contains Valassis, Contains Valassis Hispanic 05/20/2015
Men's Journal Consumer Magazines 700,000 Active Lifestyles, Men 05/20/2015
Playboy Magazine Consumer Magazines 1,250,000 Men, Accepts Tobacco Adverts 05/20/2015
Rockford Senior Courier Newspapers 8,500 Senior, Senior Newspapers 05/18/2015
MacDill Thunderbolt Newspapers 8,445 Men, Military, Military Newspapers 05/18/2015
Salem Statesman Journal Newspapers 33,216 Contains News America, Contains USA Weekend, Contains Valassis 05/18/2015
Austin American-Statesman TMC TMC 426,685 05/15/2015
Austin American-Statesman Newspapers 140,602 Online Newspaper Program, Travel Newspapers, Contains Dash, Contains News America, Contains Parade, Contains Valassis 05/15/2015
Parade Magazine Newspaper Supported Magazines 23,095,549 Metro Households, Accepts Tobacco Adverts 05/14/2015
Women's Romance Series Consumer Magazines 35,000 Women 05/14/2015
Field & Stream Consumer Magazines 1,250,000 Active Lifestyles, Men, Accepts Tobacco Adverts, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Sports Fans 05/14/2015
Popular Mechanics Consumer Magazines 1,200,000 Men, Technology 05/13/2015
Smithsonian Consumer Magazines 1,800,000 History Fans 05/12/2015
The Atlantic Consumer Magazines 450,000 Political 05/12/2015
Cosmopolitan Consumer Magazines 3,000,000 Women 05/12/2015
Good Housekeeping Consumer Magazines 4,300,000 Religious, Women, Beauty and Glamour, Clothing-Oriented, Home D├ęcor 05/12/2015
People Consumer Magazines 3,450,000 Accepts Tobacco Adverts, Beauty and Glamour, Clothing-Oriented, Hollywood - Entertainment 05/12/2015
Sports Illustrated Consumer Magazines 3,155,000 Active Lifestyles, Men, NASCAR, Sports Fans 05/12/2015
Car and Driver Magazine Consumer Magazines 1,200,000 Men, Automotive, Oversized Insert and Sample Channel 05/12/2015
Clean Eating Consumer Magazines 160,000 Women, Cooking 05/11/2015
ESPN The Magazine Consumer Magazines 2,000,000 Active Lifestyles, Men, Accepts Tobacco Adverts, Sports Fans 05/11/2015
Lewiston Morning Tribune Newspapers 22,264 Rural Households, Contains News America, Contains Parade, Contains Valassis C&D 05/08/2015