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New Media
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Program Name Category Circulation Demographics Updated On
Chicago Sun-Times Newspapers 177,564 Metro Households, Accepts Tobacco Adverts, NFL Paper of Record, Online Newspaper Program, Travel Newspapers, Contains News America, Contains USA Weekend, Contains Valassis 03/30/2015
Musclecar Power Consumer Magazines 80,000 Automotive 03/30/2015
La Voz Arizona Newspapers 75,000 Hispanic, Hispanic Newspapers, Spanish Language, Contains News America, Contains News America Hispanic, Contains Valassis Hispanic 03/30/2015
Nashville Tennessean Newspapers 82,760 NFL Paper of Record, Travel Newspapers, Contains News America, Contains USA Weekend, Contains Valassis 03/30/2015
Maxim Consumer Magazines 2,000,000 Men, Accepts Tobacco Adverts, Oversized Insert and Sample Channel 03/30/2015
Four Wheeler Consumer Magazines 207,000 Men, Automotive 03/30/2015
O'Fallon Progress Newspapers 5,155 Contains News America 03/30/2015
Belleville News Democrat Newspapers 47,624 Contains News America, Contains Parade, Contains Valassis 03/30/2015
Truckers News Consumer Magazines 113,351 03/30/2015
North Fulton Neighbor Newspapers 36,025 Rural Households 03/27/2015
Mountain Living Consumer Magazines 31,000 Homeowners, Rural Households, Women, Green, High Household Income, Home Décor 03/27/2015
NBA Team Yearbooks Consumer Magazines 54,817 Sports Fans 03/27/2015
Baby & Toddler Magazines - Onserts & Savings Packs 1,000,000 Pre-Natal / New Mothers, Women, Young Family, Oversized Insert and Sample Channel 03/27/2015
Improvements Catalog Inserts Catalog Inserts 2,350,350 03/27/2015
Custom Direct Priority PIP Package Inserts 60,000 03/27/2015
Country Woman Consumer Magazines 360,000 Rural Households, Women 03/27/2015
Circleville Herald Newspapers 5,500 03/27/2015
Ultimate MMA Consumer Magazines 69,651 Active Lifestyles, Men, Sports Fans 03/27/2015
Tea Time Consumer Magazines 65,000 Senior, Canada, Cooking 03/27/2015
Women's Health Consumer Magazines 1,500,000 Active Lifestyles, Women 03/27/2015
Weight Watchers Magazine Consumer Magazines 1,250,000 Health, Women, Cooking, Oversized Insert and Sample Channel 03/27/2015
All You Consumer Magazines 1,500,000 Women 03/27/2015
Columbia County News-Times Newspapers 10,001 03/26/2015
Augusta Chronicle Newspapers 33,680 Online Newspaper Program, Top 20 Newspapers, Travel Newspapers, Contains News America, Contains USA Weekend, Contains Valassis 03/26/2015
Logan Daily News Newspapers 3,265 Rural Households, Contains News America, Contains Valassis C&D 03/26/2015