Body, Mind & Spirit Segment

Think of spirituality as just tie dye and daisy chains? Not any longer. Although the look has changed over the years, the quest for a more spiritual way of living is still as compelling today as it has always been. The lure of a lower stress lifestyle and spiritual fullment are stronger than ever in today's fast-paced world. And awareness and concern for our longterm impact on the environment has also seen a resurrgence. Tapping into this Body, Mind and Spirit lifestyle can be tough for advertisers, but niche market publications speaking to these exact concerns are cropping up in the marketplace, and Echo Media has developed an offering of these publications.

Program Name Circulation Short Description
Austin Fit Magazine21,000
Bookspan One Spirit Ride-Along120,000
E, The Environmental Magazine50,000
Eating Well500,000
Energy Times400,000
Green Source Magazine44,800
Health Magazine1,350,000
Herb Companion60,000
Mary Janes Farm135,000
Mother Earth News475,000
Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness200,000
Natural Health300,000
Natural Home70,000
Natural Solutions - Alternative Medicine Magazine225,000
Ode Magazine150,000
Organic Gardening275,000
Personal Development50,000
Real Simple1,975,000
Remedy's Healthy Living3,200,000
Spirituality & Health85,000
UTNE Reader103,500
Well Being Journal25,000
Yoga Journal375,000
Yoga Magazine90,000
Your Health Connection Magazine- Los Angeles25,000
YourHealth Monthly - Sequoia20,000
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