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San Diego’s Military is Viewed as a Major Economic Factor 10/14/2013

1. San Diego County is home to the largest military complex in the world, 35% of U.S. Marine Corps’ and 32% of the U.S. Navy’s personnel are stationed here. 2. Over 35% of the County’s population is military-connected: active-duty, dependents, retirees, veterans or civilians working for the military. 3. More than 80,000 retired military reside in San Diego County. These retirees are known as the two- or sometimes three-paycheck families. 4. Annually, $41 billion flows into California’s economy due to the presence of the U.S. Military. More than 1/3 of that amount is directly associated with military pay and allowances generated in San Diego. Another $8 billion is attributed indirectly to government contracts, such as shipbuilding and shipyard repair. 5. Current active-duty personnel can receive up to $3,500 a year in tuition assistance. Of course when they leave the military, those benefits increase upwards to $50,000. Even their spouses have various plans available to them. Demographic Information about San Diego’s Military: · 73% of active-duty personnel are male, average age 26 years old · 74% are ranked E-4 and above · 15% are officers · 16% are retired · 55% are married · 73% live off base · 80% own their own vehicle (22% own motorcycles) · 100% shop at civilian department or specialty stores, averaging 4.3 times per month · 91% have a major credit card · 95% plan on furthering their education · 48% plan on buying a personal computer · 88% plan on buying video, stereos or speakers · 18% perform their own auto maintenance · 61% plan on buying a new vehicle within 12 months · 93% traveled by civilian airlines within the last year, averaging 2.5 trips per person · 10.2 years (average length of active duty) Source – Navy Dispatch

Hartford Courant Ad Notes - Put Your Ad on The Front Page! 10/14/2013

Reach over 550, 000 adults in a single day. The Hartford Courant’s strong readership numbers tell the story on weekdays and weekends. The Hartford Courant reaches 76% of adults in the three counties – Hartford, Tolland and Middlesex – that make up the Hartford Metro Market. With prominent positioning of your AdNotes message on the front page, you’re assured of prime and exclusive visibility to reach an exceptionally desirable audience. Whether your message is intended to create brand awareness, promote a special sale or offer an instant redeemable coupon, AdNotes will deliver the desired customer awareness. AdNotes Give Your Message: · Front Page Exclusivity · High Readership · Impact · High Level of Customer Awareness & Readership · Portability (AdNotes can be easily removed and saved by your customer) · Flexibility of Distribution & Messaging · Creativity AdNotes are Ideal For: · Special Offers/Sales · Building Name Recognition · Instant Redeemable Coupons · Directing Customers to Existing Ads & Inserts · Games & Contests · Sporting Events Echo Media works with Hartford Courant Ad Notes, as well as a national network of front page, “post-it” opportunities.

Las Vegas - "Sin City" Market Facts Uncovered 10/14/2013

Las Vegas is the fastest growing metropolitan U.S. city and is often called the “entertainment capital of the world.”  The Las Vegas Strip is known worldwide and consists of many of the world’s largest hotels and casinos.  Las Vegas attracts nearly 40 million visitors annually, with nearly 4.2 million of them coming from outside of the U.S. to attend conventions, such as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Magic, and NAB. The local population has exceeded 1.8 million, and that number continues to increase by nearly 6,000 each month.


  • Visitor Volume                        39,196,761
  • Visitor Dollar Contribution           $41.6 Billion
  • Travel to LV by air                          46%


  • % of respondents 40 years old or more:  71%
  • Average age:  49
  • % of respondents who are married:  79%
  • % of respondents with household income of $40k+ or more:  80%
  • % of respondents from the west:  52%
  • % of respondents from California:  31%
  • % of respondents from a foreign country:  12%
Atlanta's Suburban Choice 10/14/2013

The Marietta Daily Journal offers an excellent choice in reaching suburban Atlanta readers. Its profile of products, including two daily newspapers, 23 weekly newspapers, four magazines, and respective online news sites, are welcomed into the homes of over 400m readers each week. Since 1866, the Marietta Daily Journal has covered Cobb County, and its mission has been to cover local news, sports and lifestyles that make each of the communities they serve unique.  In addition to the daily newspaper, they offer an e-edition, as well as a bi-weekly high school football webcast.

The Cherokee Tribune is still Cherokee’s source for local news. Published five days a week, it has become the standard for news in the burgeoning suburb of Cherokee County.

The weekly newspaper group, Neighbor Newspapers, continues to be the leading source for local news in suburban Atlanta. Reaching over 300,000 homes per week in 10 counties, these 23 newspaper titles and their respective websites are the source of hyper-local suburban Atlanta news.

There are also four titles in the magazine line: Cobb Life, Cherokee Life, Sandy Springs Life and Dunwoody Life.

Echo Media works with the Marietta Daily Journal and its suburban papers, as well as a host of other dailies in the Atlanta DMA.

Daily Sun News, Surprise Today, Glendale/Peoria Today - Hitting the Mark with Newspapers 10/14/2013

The four publications of the West Valley Newspapers plus two free Daily News-Sun Plus weekly publications that reach most of the Sun Cities cover the distinct communities that make up the West Valley of metropolitan Phoenix. These publications are carrier-delivered and saturate the West Valley to over 108,000 households, reaching over a quarter of a million readers, which is by far the greatest penetration of any publication in the area.

The Daily News-Sun offers new, lifestyle and financial information mainly to the Baby Boomers and silent generation audience in Sun City, Sun City West, Sun City Grand, and Surprise. Surprise Today is the hometown newspaper covering Surprise, while the Glendale/ Peoria Today provides local news, sports and entertainment to residents of Peoria and Glendale. With these four publications, you can reach homes and businesses in the West Valley.

Echo Media works with these local market media options, as well as other direct-mailed options in the Phoenix DMA.

2010 Census: Areas with highest percentage of children 10/14/2013

New Mothers spend an average of $13,000 on products and services within the first year of their child’s life. Film & Film Processing, Portraits, Book Clubs, Health-Related Products, Weight Loss, Self-Improvement and Children’s Products are some of the items new mothers are purchasing. Echo Media offers opportunities in programs that reach new moms in both pre- and post-natal settings. Name list programs include magazines and co-op envelopes. Sampling programs, which are distributed through hospitals, physician’s offices, child birth education centers and through direct targeting are also available.

Using 2010 census information on  high indexing zip-codes, a new group of media vehicles are created to expand this target demo. Overlaying zip, county or state level census data on presence of children in the household, media buys can be created to target young families using programs such as Newspapers, TMC, Shoppers, and wraps, converting these programs from saturation buys to targeted zip level programs.

Example of Census information pulled via County for presence of children under 5 years:

2010 County Census information on children

Top media programs reaching New Mothers:

Reach New and Expectant Mothers Through American Baby 09/19/2013

Pregnancy is a very special time for a woman. She feels differently, acts differently and looks at the world around her with a completely new perspective. Women in this stage of life are very eager to learn about products and services that may assist them through this exciting time. A great way to reach these women is via the American Baby sample packs. These vehicles offer advertisers a chance to reach a woman when she is most susceptible to developing brand loyalties and strong opinions about what is good for her, and for her baby. The Expectant Mother pack is given to women in their third trimester by their obstetricians. The New Mother pack is distributed to mothers while they are still in the hospital with their newborn. There is also a Hispanic version of the New Mother pack called Para Nuevas Mamas. Being distributed to new mothers in a medical environment adds value because women trust their doctors and health professionals to help them make the best decisions for their unborn child. In addition to pre-printed inserts and product samples, all of these packs include a magazine, which contains information on topics ranging from pregnancy, and what to expect from childbirth, to the first year of a baby’s life.

Southern Living's April Issue Gets Paper Stock Upgrade! 02/03/2012

As part of Time, Inc.’s investment in Southern Living, its paper stock is getting an upgrade. With the April issue, both cover and page paper is going to a heavier, brighter grade. This only enhances the editorial product and the look of your ads.

Are you making April placements? It would be great to include them in this gorgeous issue. Over 15 million of the most engaged readers in publishing await!

Echo Media works with national consumer magazine titles on a guaranteed and remnant basis.

Who wouldn't want Idaho's seniors to be their customers? 01/13/2012

Idaho Senior News can help your clients target Idaho’s seniors. It is the largest senior publication in the state, with readership estimated at over 80,000 each month. Seniors read it every month for pertinent stories on retirement living, healthcare options, travel and recreation ideas, financial investing and so much more.

Here’s why its readers are important to you:

  • Seniors spend more on luxury travel than any other group, including casinos, hotels and cruises
  • They control Idaho’s wealth, including 80% of all investments in banks & credit unions and 77% of total assets
  • They are primary consumers for home, auto and RV purchases, other big ticket items, and they have good credit
  • They spend more in the grocery store, spas, gyms, pharmacies and restaurants than any other age group
  • And they have the steady income and time to shop, travel and spend often.
Cabin Life is the number one magazine in the vacation home market, serving enthusiastic, passionate second-homeowners. 12/12/2011

Cabin Life informs and inspires, while exploring all aspects of the vacation home lifestyle. Readers trust Cabin Life to provide expert advice on the latest products and services to help them make the most of their special getaway. Most importantly, Cabin Life readers look to our advertisers as a vital resource for making purchases. Your advertising message reaches:

  • An affluent audience: With an average income of $150,000, the readers can afford to spend money on their second home.
  • A large, enthusiastic audience: 85% of readers are married. Both husband and wife, plus family and friends enjoy sharing the magazine, resulting in a pass-along readership of almost 5 readers per issue.
  • A targeted audience: 83% own waterfront property, 77% own two or more properties. 91% visit their home year-round or at least three seasons.

By focusing on niche titles, Echo Media can continue to deliver an affluent target audience in a challenging economy.

Sportsmen Take Gear Seriously 11/28/2011

Cabela’s Outfitter Journal readers are avid hunters, anglers and other outdoor enthusiasts who spend a significant portion of their discretionary income on equipment to help them get the most out of the time they spend on the water and in the field. The Cabela’s Outfitter Journal reader also takes an average of three out-of-state trips each year, with many venturing outside the United States to pursue their favorite outdoor sports. These affluent readers look to each issue of Cabela’s Outfitter Journal to guide their purchases and keep them informed on the hottest locations for their next great outdoor adventure.

Echo Media works with Cabela’s, as well as a large number of other sports and outdoor titles nationally.

Military Money Saver Links You In Through QR Codes 11/21/2011

Military Money Saver has added a QR code to the front cover of the magazine. The QR code provides a mobile application for smart phones to allow military families on the go more access to advertiser’s business information. There will also be an online presence, a virtual magazine, allowing advertisers to link directly to their websites to promote special offers and services.

One fourth of the nation’s service personnel are stationed in Hampton Roads. Their economic impact contributes eleven billion dollars to the region’s economy.

Echo Media works with Military Money Saver, and many other Military publications, and can help add QR codes to your outbound advertising.

St. Petersburg Times 11/14/2011

The St. Petersburg Times is Florida’s largest newspaper. It has the highest Sunday home penetration in the Nation: 56% Sunday and 44% daily. It has a nationally recognized website and it is the largest local news web site in Tampa. It contains award-winning journalism, including 8 Pulitzers. The St. Petersburg Times has been locally owned for 125 years.

Weight Watchers Magazine Breaks Sales Records! 11/08/2011

Weight Watchers magazine boasts record breaking sales. It is currently seeing the highest single-copy sales in Weight Watchers magazine’s history. Sales of the January/February 2011 issue exceeded 500,000 copies, breaking all records.

Weight Watchers $44MM Q1 national media campaign featuring Jennifer Hudson as a spokesperson generated over 11 billion impressions, thus, contributing to the magazine’s success. Advertising in this magazine yields great exposure for your brand.

Archaeology Delivers an Upscale Audience 10/18/2011

Archaeology is about people and cultures. It is a mirror of the world’s collective heritage… our origins, ancient mysteries, lost civilizations – and human presence. In a lively, accessible and visual format, Archaeology speaks to a loyal readership about archaeological news and discoveries. In its profiles of personalities and universal themes, it is a science, travel and art magazine all in one stimulating publication.

Archaeology, first published in 1948, is the magazine of the Archaeological Institute of America, founded in 1879 and chartered by an Act of Congress in 1906.

Projected Reader Profile:

  • Men: 49%
  • Median Age: 53.9 years
  • Any College+: 87%
  • Grad+: 65%
  • Post Grad Degree: 24%
  • Married: 64%
  • Professional/management: 45%
  • HHI $75,000+: 50%
  • HHI $100,000+: 34%
  • Median HHI: $73,351

Advertising in targeted publications, such as Archeology, is an excellent way to reach high household income consumers.

Cabin Life is the number one magazine in the vacation home market, serving enthusiastic, passionate second-homeowners. 09/13/2011

Cabin Life informs and inspires, while exploring all aspects of the vacation home lifestyle. Readers trust Cabin Life to provide expert advice on the latest products and services to help them make the most of their special getaway. Most importantly, Cabin Life readers look to our advertisers as a vital resource for making purchases. Your advertising message reaches:

  • An affluent audience: With an average income of $150,000, the readers can afford to spend money on their second home.
  • A large, enthusiastic audience: 85% of readers are married. Both husband and wife, plus family and friends enjoy sharing the magazine, resulting in a pass-along readership of almost 5 readers per issue.
  • A targeted audience: 83% own waterfront property, 77% own two or more properties. 91% visit their home year-round or at least three seasons.

By focusing on niche titles, Echo Media can continue to deliver an affluent target audience in a challenging economy.

Photography Magazines - Still a Strong Option in a Digital Camera Age 08/29/2011

No magazine draws more photo enthusiasts, and keeps them coming back month after month, than Popular Photography. Those dedicated readers trust the magazine’s authoritative lab testing and hands-on reviews of digital cameras and other photo gear. They learn how to take better pictures-of their families, their environment and their travels. And they find inspiration in their work for creative photographers, from pros to amateurs just like them. Both in print and online, Popular Photography’s influence and authority are unmatched.

American Photo offers a unique visual environment and authoritative editorial voice that inspires and informs an audience of advanced photography enthusiasts and photo professionals. These are opinion leaders who respond to excellence in imagery, design and writing. American Photo covers the art and the swiftly-changing technology of photography and celebrates photography in a cultural setting, showing reader’s new ways in which to enrich their own “photographic lifestyles.”

Echo Media works with key publications in the photography market, as well as other hobbies and technologies.

Doctors' waiting rooms will be overflowing during the fall allergy season! 07/27/2011

Reach more than a half million patients in the waiting rooms of America's allergy and asthma specialists.

Advertise in the September/October issue of Coping with Allergies & Asthma Magazine.

Echo Media works with Coping with Allergies & Asthma, as well as other disease- and health-related titles.

Sacramento Magazine - Announcing the All-New August Issue Redesign 07/25/2011

Starting with the August issue, they enlighten their faithful readers with a fresh, exciting new look. You will see new font treatments, a new upfront section, entitled “Currents,” and more impactful editorial coverage.

The magazine will continue to serve the region’s most active consumers, but appeal to a broader array of readers (30-50).

Sacramento will also debut a digital edition and an iPad edition. At the same time, both custom and repurposed editorial content will be distributed via

Echo Media works with Sacramento Magazine and local market level magazines across the U.S. and Canada.

Community Newspapers: Alive & Well and Carrying American Profile 07/18/2011

96% of the newspapers that distribute American Profile are community papers.

Local community newspapers are the primary sources of information for both news and advertising in local communities by a 5-1 margin over the next type of media.

99% of readers read local news.

77% of readers believe their local news coverage is good to excellent.

76% agree that their local newspaper is a newspaper they can really trust.

75% of readers say they read most or all of each newspaper.

Average Reading Time: 45 Minutes.

Source: 2008 National Newspaper Association Research Study, survey of adults in markets served by newspapers of less than 25,000 circulation.

Health Monitor Network 06/23/2011

With a platform of more than 40 million patients and caregivers through 120,000 physician offices, 300,000 physicians and specialists, and two million households, Health Monitor has become the benchmark for high-quality, patient-friendly health information. Be a part of the patient-doctor conversation through exclusive packages with premium placement next to relevant editorial in your category.

Hispanics are Everywhere, According to Vanidades and the U.S. Census 06/10/2011

It is well known that Hispanics are the largest and fastest growing “minority” group in the United States. They have arrived and are here to stay and prosper, but where in the U.S. can you find the most Hispanics? According to the Pew Hispanic Center, in the year 2000, 50% of Hispanics lived in the states of California and Texas. Other well-known states with prominent Latino communities have been Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, New Mexico and New York, but recent market research shows that the Hispanic population is also growing fast in other states of the Country. Some examples are Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North and South Carolina and Tennessee. Additionally, the Hispanic population more than doubled in Maryland and South Dakota.

The 2010, Census counted 50.5 million Hispanics in the United States, making up 16.3% of the total population. Hispanics are making history and changing the face of America. Are you efficiently targeting the growing Hispanic market? The report, “Hispanics Account for More Than Half of Nation’s Growth in the Past Decade,” authored by Jeffery Passel, Senior Demographer, Pew Hispanic Center, D’Vera Cohn, Senior Writer, Pew Research Center, and Mark Hugo Lopez, Associate Director, Pew Hispanic Center, is available at the Pew Hispanic Center’s website,

If you are interested in reaching the growing Hispanic population across the U.S., try doing it effectively in the pages of Vanidades, TV Y Novelas or Cosmopolitan en Espanol magazines.

Advertise in Hearing Health Magazine to Reach the AARP Audience 05/11/2011

In a special bonus distribution, the Summer 2011 issue of Hearing Health Magazine will be given to thousands of attendees at the AARP Convention, Life@50+ this fall in DRF gift bags.

Advertise in the Summer 2011 issue to reach this important demographic! There is a strong relationship between age and reported hearing loss. According to the NIDCD, 18% of American adults 45-64 years old, 30% of adults 65-74 years old, and 47% of adults 75 years old or older have a hearing impairment. The average age of the AARP attendees is 63.5.

Hearing Health Magazine is the ultimate consumer resource on hearing. It is the largest magazine on hearing loss. With a print run for the Summer 2011 issue close to 50,000 and with waiting room copies and the AARP bonus distribution, the Summer 2011 readership will be well over 220,000.

Here are some facts about Hearing Health readers:

  • 99% of consumer readers use a hearing aid
  • 79% of all readers (including professionals who are also often patients) are considering purchasing new hearing aids in the next year
  • The average reader has a mean household income of $97,000
  • 64% of the readers are female;
  • 71% of all readers took one or more actions in the past 12 months as a result of reading Hearing Health

In addition to regular consumer subscribers, Hearing Health is sent directly to:

  • Every member of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA)
  • Every member of the International Hearing Society (IHS)
  • Every hearing care center in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (V.A.)
  • Every audiologist member of the American Speech-Hearing-Language Association (ASHA) who is a hearing aid dispenser

The Winter 2011 issue debuted a brand new look and redesign. Each issue of Hearing Health will now have designated Pediatric and Seniors sections to reflect the growth in these two demographics. In addition, since so many readers use a hearing aid, Dr. Ross Cushing, Au.D., will be writing a piece in every issue on a topic related to hearing aids

The New Four Seasons Magazine - Delivering Luxury in a Down Economy 05/02/2011

The newly redesigned and editorially revamped Four Seasons Magazine is the premier luxury lifestyle magazine, mirroring the global reach of the Four Seasons brand, the upscale, sophisticated tastes of its guests and elegant surroundings they find themselves in while part of the Four Seasons experience. The contemporary, oversized format of the new publication adds breadth to the sharp, sophisticated design, and contributions from some of the world’s best writers, photographers and illustrators bring the magazine to life. It is distributed in rooms of 83 Four Season Hotels and Resorts in 35 countries (with more than 40 properties in development). The new Four Seasons Magazine caters to the world’s most sought after consumers with an estimated audience of 750,000.

Tap into an Affluent Male Audience with Military History Titles 04/27/2011

Military history magazines have a loyal following in the affluent male demographic. These magazines isolate areas of interest very tightly with different historical time periods, and even types of battles.


Vietnam is the only magazine exclusively devoted to telling the full story behind the Vietnam War, with gripping, first-hand accounts and carefully researched articles by veterans of this controversial and divisive conflict.

Frequency: 6X

Paid Circulation: 32,500

Civil War Times

From biographies to battle stories, eyewitness accounts to period photographs, travel guides to insightful book reviews, Civil War Times delivers the thrilling, living history of America’s greatest internal structure.

Frequency: 6X

Paid Circulation: 54,000

World War II

World War II magazine covers every aspect of history’s greatest modern conflict with vivid, authoritative writing by the world’s top historians. Each issue is strikingly designed and contains a lively mix of stories about soldiers, leaders, tactics and weapons, including detailed battle maps, riveting first-hand accounts and reviews of books, movies and video games.

Frequency: 6X year

Paid Circulation: 89,000

Wild West

Wild West is the authoritative magazine covering the true history of the people, places, battles and events that lead to the taming of the Great American frontier, from its earliest Eastern beginnings to today’s American West. Feature stories, departments and picture essays examine subjects, including the familiar “Cowboys and Indians,” gunmen and lawmen, and other fascinating aspects of Western lore and culture that are so much a part of the American heritage. Wild West features shootists, scouts, soldiers, soiled doves, sodbusters, bronc busters, gunfighters, peacemakers, Rocky Mountain men, Plains buffalo hunters, prairie entrepreneurs, unconventional women and many others who made their distinctive mark on the West when it was truly Wild!

Frequency: 6X year

Paid Circulation: 48,500

Military History

Military History is the Nation’s oldest and most popular magazine devoted to the history of warfare from the ancient times to the late 20th century. Each issue contains incisive accounts from top writers and historians who take a fresh look at the commanders, campaigns, battles and weapons that made history. Authoritative yet engaging, it features action-packed accounts of equal interest to military scholars and armchair historians. Military History tells the timeless true tales of battlefield heroics, brilliant tactics and wily commands from ancient epic struggles through 20th century global campaigns-all vividly presented by top writers, artists and historians.

Frequency: 6X year

Paid Circulation: 65,000

A sample reader profile for these pubs:

  • 97% male
  • Median household income: $105,275
  • Some college: 92%
  • College graduate:73%

Echo Media works with these and a large selection of other Military titles.

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